New Documents

© Wout Berger, Big Bend Badlands. 2007

© Oscar Fernando Gomez, While some dream on a mattress, others sell a mattress to get something they dream of. 2010

© Dhruv Malhotra, Untitled. From the series “Sleepers”, 2009. Courtesy of PhotoInk

© Viviane Sassen, Prosper. From the series “Flamboya”. 2006. Courtesy Motive Gallery Amsterdam.

© Ju Duoqi, An. From the series "The Fantasies of Chinese Cabbage", 2010

© Oumar Ly, Podor 1963-1978, Courtesy of Marie-Louise & Fils

© Suzanne Opton, Soldier: Claxton - 120 Days in Afghanistan. 2004

© Billy Monk, Courtesy of Michael Stevenson, Cape Town.

© Mohamed Bourouissa, La République. From the series "Périphéries", 2006. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris

BPB Curated: New Ways of Looking

Dates: Oct 2nd - Nov 14th 2010

Venue: BPB at the former Co-operative Department Store

This exhibition will highlight new conceptual trends and aesthetic innovations in contemporary photography, with a focus on documentary, by premiering new and recently produced images by an exciting new generation of photographers and rediscovered bodies of work from across the world including: Algeria, China, India, Mexico, The Netherlands, Senegal, South Africa and the USA.

The photographers selected here demonstrate an approach to photographic practice that is experimental, playful and highly skilful. Through their work, the established genres and conventions of portraiture, landscape, the constructed staged tableau, urban life and the night-time shoot are re-envisioned and the practice of documentary photography is revitalised.

This exhibition presents new directions in contemporary photography, with a particular focus on documentary practice, to explore new ways of looking at the world around us.
The selected photographers are: Wout Berger (NLD), Mohamed Bourouissa (DZA), Ju Duoqi (CHN), Oscar Fernando Gomez (MEX), Oumar Ly (SEN), Dhruv Malhotra (IND), Billy Monk (ZAF), Suzanne Opton (USA) and Viviane Sassen (NLD).

Mohamed Bourouissa and Oumar Ly are supported with funding from the British Council. Wout Berger and Viviane Sassen are supported with funding from The Mondriaan Foundation.

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May 17th 2011 - lou56


Nov 7th 2010

brilliant selection - in a GREAT VENUE

Oct 3rd 2010 - C&F365

Saw some of it today Stunning exhibition Can't wait to go back next weekend to see more.

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