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© Carmen & Alec Soth, Untitled. From the series “Brighton Picture Hunt”, 2010. Photoworks Commission

© Rinko Kawauchi, Untitled. From the series “Murmuration”, 2010. Courtesy of Rinko Kawauchi and FOIL GALLERY, Tokyo. Photoworks Commission

© Stephen Gill, Untitled. Extract from “Outside In”, 2010
In association with the Archive of Modern Conflict

BPB Curated: Strange & Familiar: Three Views of Brighton

Artists: Alec Soth, Rinko Kawauchi, Stephen Gill

Dates: Oct 2nd - Nov 14th 2010

Venue: BPB at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Keynote exhibition

New works by three internationally acclaimed photographers, each presenting a very different response to the city of Brighton & Hove. Rinko Kawauchi (JPN), and Alec Soth (USA) commissioned by Photoworks and Stephen Gill (UK), in association with the Archive of Modern Conflict

Stephen Gill
Outside In

For this commission Hackney based photographer Stephen Gill has created Outside In, a series steered and guided by the physical place itself, literally scooping up bits of Brighton and dropping parts of it into his camera. Gill employs finds such as seaweed, local plant life, a false eyelash, a jelly bear, fish tails, etc discovered on his travels or near where his photographs are made. Insects crawl across the film emulsion like creatures caught in amber. The objects introduced to the camera chamber are integral to the photographs rather than superimposed, their place in the composition occurring entirely at random and establishing both harmony and conflict.

Rinko Kawauchi

Acclaimed Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi has been drawn to the spectacle of flocking starlings at Brighton Pier. Here during the winter months at dusk, the birds gather in their tens of thousands, wheeling around to create a mesmerizing swirling cloud called a murmuration. Kawauchi is fascinated by the ephemeral nature of this phenomenon and, continuing with the theme of the flock, she has also trailed groups of people through the city. This commission, her first in the UK, is supported by funding from The Japan Foundation, The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and The Daiwa Anglo – Japanese Foundation.

Alec Soth
Brighton Picture Hunt

For this Photoworks commission, his first in the UK, Alec Soth has made work in collaboration with his daughter Carmen walking around Brighton & Hove. Like much of his previous work, the photographic journey of Brighton Picture Hunt combines poetic and documentary sensibilities, each photograph and idea leading to the next. People, places and objects are woven amongst local newspaper headlines. Serendipity is at play as text and image combine to make uncanny connections and provide a captivating portrait of a city.

Photoworks will produce three limited edition hard-back books to accompany these commissions. Each edition will be limited to 1000 copies, and a small number of signed copies are available to pre-order at £15 each (inc free UK p&p) from Photoworks 012373 607 523.

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Comments (5)

Oct 13th 2010 - Danielle

Hello Aside from the limited edition books are there any exhibition catalogues or booklet to go with the Exhibition? Many thanks

Jul 23rd 2010 - Helen Cadwallader

Yes, all three artists will be attending the launch and Biennial Opening Weekend. Further details on the events part of the Opening Weekend will be announced very shortly - sign up to the Biennial e-mailing to receive this.

Jul 20th 2010 - Tom

Just wondering will any of the 3 artists be in attendance during the exhibition?

Jul 15th 2010 - Helen Cadwallader

Thanks for this. The title came from Rinko Kawauchi based on her research which included meeting with a rep from the RSPB. It was through this contact that she learned of the phenomena of 'murmuration' and was very taken with the term. So nothing to do with Mr Parr or being aware of the title used by a graduate of Newport.

Jul 8th 2010 - anon

Murmuration - seemingly very similar as a newport graduate's title, Mr Parr asked for the name and it just 'happens' to be the same. coincidence?

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