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Euphoric Flash

The Trust for the Study of Adolesence with Brighton Photo Biennial

Euphoric Flash are a group of ten young people (aged 14- 19 years) from across Brighton & Hove. Supported by artist Helen Cammock, designers and emotional health professionals, the group participated in a series of workshops using photography to explore issues around emotional wellbeing. 

Euphoric Flash have created a series of powerful images that explore their own experiences of dealing with emotions such as isolation, pride, conflict, and loneliness.

The project has enabled the group to develop a range of creative and photographic skills, engage with contemporary artists and designers and to experience working with a live design brief.

These photographs have been printed as Picture Emotions - a set of postcards promoting emotional health that are designed to be used as a resource by youth workers and teachers working with other young people.

If you would like a free copy of the Picture Emotions resource please contact

The project has been funded by Media Box and is a collaboration between Brighton Photo Biennial and Youth Voice Peer Power at the Trust for the Study of Adolescence.

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