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Pupils trying out the studio set up during the One Day Photography event.

Photo by Monique Jackson

Collage produced during the One Day Photography event

Photo by Monique Jackson

Pupils at work during the One Day Photography event

Photo by Monique Jackson

The One-day Photography Event

A day of workshops for young people at the University of Brighton

Dates: June 7th & 8th 2011

This June, a small team of undergraduates from the University of Brighton welcomed nearly one hundred Year 9 and Year 10 pupils to the degree shows, and introduced them to different kinds of photographic practice through a series of practical workshops. Together they went on gallery tours, made photograms in the darkroom, set up their own studio portraits, and created photo-collages. Prior to leading the workshops, the undergraduates took part in a series of training sessions led by artist Annis Joslin where they learnt how to engage with young people, set learning objectives and write lesson plans. The experience provided the school children with a taste of what it might be like to study at university, and provided the undergraduates with hands on experience of working in an educational setting as artist facilitators.

Feedback from all those involved has been really positive. One teacher said “Thoroughly impressed with the wide range of photography...the sessions have had a great deal of experimentation and really opened their (pupils’) eyes to how vast the creative world of photography can be”. Many of the pupils talked about how much fun they’d had, and how interesting it was. One pupil said: “Coming here today allowed me to do something I have never done - that being the gallery. It’s made me think of what I want to do”. The undergraduates all talked positively bout their experience, noting particularly how their confidence has grown, and how they now have a better understanding of what skills are needed. One student commented that: “The project has been a good reminder of how much I do know, and it allowed me to bring together skills I have built up over time, it has motivated me to get out there and find more paid work in this area. Taking part has made me feel more confident about myself as an arts facilitator, I know I am good at it but I just need to work on getting that across to other people”.

Funded by Widening Participation at the University of Brighton 

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