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Image from the Snapshot project

Lara Desai

Lara Desai

Pornrutai Lohachel

Pornrutai Lohachel

Preeti Sharma Mehta

Preeti Sharma Mehti

Richard Channer

Richard Channer

Richard Gordon

Richard Gordon

Tolu Osangaya

Tolu Osungaya

Celebrating Black History Month

Brighton Photo Biennial and Brighton Photo Fringe participative photography project in celebration of Black History Month

Dates: October - November 2010

Artist Othello De'Souza - Hartley is facilitating a series of workshops with Brighton & Hove residents using the Brighton Photo Fringe exhibition 'Uprooting the Gaze' and the Brighton Photo Biennial exhibition 'New ways of Looking', as starting points for inspiration, reflections and responses. 


Saturday 6 November at 2pm

Fringe Focus Space

The Old Co-operative Building

94 - 101 London Road


A screening of photographs and images created by participants in the project.







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