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Posted Sep 16th 2008 | Bruno Ceschel
Julian Stallabrass interviews on Foto8 and Resonance104.4fm

Read Guy Lane's interview with Julian in FOTO8 and listen to Julian talking about BPB 2008 on Resonance104.4fm's Free University of the Airwaves.   read more

Posted Sep 11th 2008 | Chloe Hoare
BPB/BPF Portfolio Review Day Submission Guidelines

The submission guidelines for the Brighton Photo Biennial/Brighton Photo Fringe Portfolio Review Day have now been released. Click here for full details. Deadline for Submissions: Monday 6th October. Date of Portfolio Reviews: Saturday 8th November. Reviews Venue: Sallis Benney Theatre, Universit... read more

Posted Sep 1st 2008 | Julian Stallabrass
Frank Hurley at Charleston

Due to the different requirements of the various galleries that host Biennial exhibitions, some open and close at different times from the main festival. So the Frank Hurley exhibition of First World War photographs at Charleston has now opened. I did the hang with David Chandler and Ben Burbridge f... read more

Posted Aug 21st 2008 | Chloe Hoare
Magnum Workshop

Details of Brighton Photo Biennial 2008 events have now been added to this website. See events page. See details below of The Magnum Workshop Brighton, a particularly exciting opportunity for photographers. The Magnum Workshop Brighton UK is a five-day practical event intended for advanced photogr... read more

Posted Aug 15th 2008 | Florence Waters
A soldier's picture diary from S Ossetia

This is an incredibly moving picture diary from the battlefield of S. Ossetia. Following my blog post from Monday, I wanted to draw attention to it. It is staggering on many levels. Just days after combat, it gives the world an icredibly honest humanist view of what the war conditions are... read more
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