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Posted Nov 11th 2010 | Josh Alliston
6 Months at the Brighton Photo Biennial

One day a week for 6 months. It doesn’t sound like much, and to tell the truth it isn’t that much. But there is a lot you can learn in that time, especially in such a diverse, exciting environment like that of the office of the UK’s largest curated photography festival. I have bee... read more

Posted May 22nd 2009 | Juliette Buss
BPB launches a DVD resource for post 16 teachers & youth workers

Brighton Photo Biennial is pleased to announce the launch of TogetherAlone - a teaching resource for post 16 teachers and youth workers created as a result of an artist led filmmaking project with young people aged 13 – 18. TogetherAlone is a short film made by young people, accompanied by in... read more

Posted Feb 6th 2009 | Julian Stallabrass
Philip Jones Griffiths, Recollections

I will be talking about Philip's work in Britain at his exhibition, Recollections, in the National Conservation Centre in Liverpool on Saturday 7th February at 11.30am. This talk is paired with Paul Lowe talking about David Goldblatt at his exhibition at Third Eye gallery that afternoon. The show at... read more

Posted Jan 14th 2009 | Julian Stallabrass
Barbican talk 15th January

Tomorrow I will be giving a talk at the Barbican on the war of images in thd digital age. It is at 7pm in the Redgrave Suite on level 4. I will talk for about 40 minutes and then there will be plenty of time for responses from the audience. It would be great to see some of those interested in the Bi... read more

Posted Dec 3rd 2008 | Sean Smith
British Press Photographers

Nice to see large exhibition for photography in this country. Photo journalism certainly needs it. Great that there were so many discussion groups on different issues around photography. That said  i am disappointed that amongst all the shows and talks the work of the British Press Photographer... read more
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