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Posted Jul 15th 2008 | Bruno Ceschel
Press Launch at the Photographers' Gallery 1/2

Helen Cadwallader, Executive Director of BPB, introduces the Brighton Photo Biennial and its team. read more

Posted Jul 14th 2008 | Julian Stallabrass
Blind Sight

Sean Smith, Iraqi Prisoners The strange power of this photograph is that it appears to be something out of a fairytale, in which the bound and blindfolded men are stuck to the Golden Goose that leads them. The drama of the light and the clouds beyond reinforce the sinister but also slightly comic e... read more

Posted Jun 26th 2008 | Julian Stallabrass
Holiday Snaps

I have been working through the 300-odd publicly available images from Abu Ghraib to make a selection for the University of Brighton Gallery exhibition, Iraq Through the Lens of Vietnam. It is far from being a usual curatorial task. How to select among the various horrors exhibited? Should one stres... read more

Posted May 21st 2008 | Julian Stallabrass
Smiles and Salutes

This is a photograph taken by a US military photographer. It is a typical example of one of the most durable genres of such photography: soldiers getting on well with children in an occupied country. Many such pictures were taken by US Army photographers in Vietnam, and skewed and subversive version... read more
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