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Posted Aug 12th 2008 | Florence Waters
What web clicks taught me about war photos

A shift in attitude towards war photography is taking place on the Internet. While analysing patterns of web clicks on media images, I've noticed that photos of the heroic or tragic moment in war receive much less interest than I would have predicted. The snapshot worthy of historic war photograph... read more

Posted Aug 6th 2008 | Julian Stallabrass
Words Without Pictures, Again

We have been having quite a lot of difficulty securing loans and rights to use photography of the ‘other side’ in the Vietnam War: the photographs taken by the National Liberation Front and the North Vietnamese Army. This photography is highly distinct from our stereotypical image of the... read more

Posted Aug 5th 2008 | Julian Stallabrass
Resonance FM Free University

I have just recorded a half hour talk about the Biennnial for Resonance FM's 'Free University of the Airwaves'. It picks up on some of the themes in 'Words Without Pictures' below. The talk will go out the week of the 18th August, probably more than once. Details of the Free University here: h... read more

Posted Aug 4th 2008 | Julian Stallabrass
Words Without Pictures

I have been reading two books with lots of material about photographic images but no pictures. One, by Philip Gourevitch and Errol Morris, Standard Operating Procedure: A War Story, constructs the events at Abu Ghraib through interviews with the prison guards and other US Army personnel (Morris has read more

Posted Jul 15th 2008 | Bruno Ceschel
Press Launch at the Photographers' Gallery 2/2

Julian Stallabrass on Memory of Fire read more
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