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© Oumar Ly, Podor 1963-1978, Courtesy of Marie-Louise & Fils

Oumar Ly

Exhibition: BPB Curated: New Ways of Looking

Oumar Ly (b.1943) resides and works in Podor, Senegal. He discovered photography through a chance meeting with a French serviceman and shortly after acquired his first camera, a Kodak Brownie Flash. In 1963, he opened Thioffy Studio in the market sector of Podor, then a prosperous little commercial town, near the Mauritanian border. Today, his archives are an undeniable patrimonial treasure trove. Highlighted by the Marie-Louise & Fils association, the “brush portraits” are collected for the first time in an album released in October 2009 at Filigranes publishing and featured at the 8th Bamako Encounters.

Images courtesy of Marie-Louise & Fils