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© Mohamed Bourouissa, La République. From the series "Périphéries", 2006. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris

Mohamed Bourouissa

Exhibition: BPB Curated: New Ways of Looking

Mohamed Bourouissa (b.1978) in Blida, Algeria currently lives and works in Paris. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs de Paris. Bourouissa’s work can be described as staged documentary and explores the moments of tension and power relationships that exist in les banlieues (ghetto) regions of Paris. His work is often inspired by neo-classical paintings but takes the disaffected Parisian youth as its subject matter; his photo series "Peripherique" is a perfect example of this. First shown in the UK at the Site Gallery in Sheffield alongside a self selection ‘videotheque’ of films that complimented the images.

Bourouissa has been involved in many group exhibitions across France, showing at Area Eugene Beaudoin; Galerie Crous Beaux-Arts; Ink Gallery Night and Saint-Lunaire amongst others.