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© Ju Duoqi, An. From the series "The Fantasies of Chinese Cabbage", 2010

Ju Duoqi

Exhibition: BPB Curated: New Ways of Looking

Ju Duoqi (b.1973) in Chongqing, China but now residing in Beijing. She graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 1996 and worked as a website and computer games designer before becoming a freelance artist in 2005. Her works began with a fascination with vegetables and their relationship to the domestic and the role of the woman. In her series "The Vegetable Museum" Duoqi uses the vegetables as actors, recreating famous paintings, in doing so she questions what meaning the painters wanted to convey and confronts us with her own take on the world.

Duoqi has exhibited around China and Korea since 2007 and has most recently shown in Europe at the Galerie Paris-Beijing, Artparis 09 Grand Palais in France.